Travel Planning

We make travel unforgettable by curating authentic and personal experiences just for you!

All travel experiences should be true to you and not make you feel like just another number on the tour bus. So we focus on creating true and authentic experiences, those that provide a unique interaction with the land, people and culture of the destinations you visit. Our local planners specialise in creating travel itineraries that are customised to your budget, wishes and wildest dreams. They also know the county ‘like the back of their hand’ and work directly with you to create your dream trip, not someone else’s.

If you are visiting NZ to adventure, explore and indulge in the whole kiwi experience, we are here to ensure you have the most authentic and genuine experience imaginable. Let us help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

 What we do

Your personal trip manager will work with you to create an all-inclusive, packaged itinerary that suits your travel preferences and involves all those things that you have always wanted to see and do in a place like New Zealand.

Our itineraries help you experience the best of NZ at your pace and preference. Drawing on our love and knowledge of the country we can help you travel the path that aligns with your dreams and your desires. We work closely with you to ensure that your trip will be unforgettable, designing your itinerary around exciting and authentic experiences, activities and accomodations.

With unlimited itinerary revisions and an on call trip manager throughout, we use our local knowledge to get you into those special places, leaving you to just sit back and enjoy your trip without the hassles of planning and arranging the finer details.

Your customised travel package includes the following:

  • A detailed day-by-day version of your customised itinerary that can be viewed on your personal device or printed
  • Arrangement and booking of all your accomodations and activities throughout your trip
  • Arrangement and booking of all of your domestic transport including any flights, car rentals, or transfers
  • Additional detailed information about your destinations, accomodations and activities
  •  Additional recommendations for activities and experiences along your planned routes
  • On-call support from your trip manager by both email and phone
  • Anything else that you want us to do to make your trip unforgettable!

Start planning Your Dream Trip Today

1. Just send us a message below, explaining the experiences and activities that interest you when travelling.
2. We will suggest a bunch of ideas for you to consider and provide you with a detailed quote and draft travel plan.
3. Once confirmed we will go ahead and arrange all of your travel bookings.
4. We then send you a detailed itinerary to follow during your trip and are on call to help at any time

We look forward to hearing from you!