I have had the privilege of guiding anglers from all over the world, here are some words from just a few of them, you can also see more on my Tripadvisor page here

Scott, Canada – “Absolutely the most amazing flyfishing experience I have ever experienced. As an experienced flyfisherman, I thought I knew it all. Well…I was wrong, Matt showed me techniques and skills that are a must to catch trophy NZ Browns that I was definitely under skilled prior to the trip. NZ Browns are the most challenging yet rewarding trout, or fish for that matter, I have ever targeted. Matt constantly presses proper technique, presentation, positioning and landing skills to make you a better angler. I cannot thank him enough for the learnings and development I experienced over the 4 days in paradise. The results of my trip and learnings speak for themselves with doubling fish counts landed each progressive day, with day 4, landing a record number of trophy fish never experienced by Matt on this particular stream. Matt is a professional and truly knows his stuff. His trip planning with accommodations and food preparations are top quality. I will be back to NZ and definitely will request Matt’s expertise once again. Thanks Matt for the unreal experience”

Ian, Singapore – “I first met Matt in December 2017 and he guided me for two days. This was only my second time Fly Fishing! It became clear to me that Matt is an incredible guide and his skill in conveying helpful detailed instruction is excellent. Over the two days Matt was consistent in his messaging and by the end of the trip I had learned a tremendous amount of key information that really helped my confidence and highlighted to me where I needed to improve. I spent the next two months applying the lessons Matt had taught me and then headed back to New Zealand for a 5 day outing with Matt. We fished in numerous rivers and once again the instructions from Matt were spot on. Each day I learned and improved using different techniques as the conditions were different on each day.
As I reflect back on this trip and all I can say is if you are looking for a Guide who can not only bring you to some fantastic locations, get you on the fish and provide impeccable instruction, then Matt is certainly the man for the job”

Mark, Colorado USA – “Words cannot express the week long experience I had the pleasure of sharing with Matt. As a first time trip to New Zealand, Matt could not have been more professional and experienced in helping pursue a life long dream of fly fishing the South Island of New Zealand. Matt’s intimate knowledge of regional waters, weather, and keen ability to find fish cannot be rivaled by any other guide I have had the pleasure of working with throughout the world. Thank you for making the memories of a lifetime; you are a true professional and have a gift for what you do. I will be back soon!”

Lindsay, Washington USA“Matt guided us over two days. My husband and I are beginners, so we knew we needed help but didn’t realize how much help until we got on the river with Matt. He is an amazing guide!! NZ was much tougher than any other fishing I’d done, but with Matt’s teaching skills, guiding skills, and patience (so much patience) we not only landed large fish but also learned a ton. I look forward to putting into practice the new fishing skills I learned from Matt once I get home.
Matt is a master at spotting fish, he will find them and put you on them.
Also, the booking and logistics were super easy. Matt was very responsive and answered all my pre trip questions quickly and comprehensively.
Book a trip with Matt. You will not regret it”

Marian, Colorado USA – “Matt had the logistics for our trip planned perfectly. Accommodations and food were excellent and we enjoyed going to places we would never have known about! It was an awesome adventure; we saw parts of the country that most tourists will never see. The five days fly-fishing trip arranged by Matt was the highlight of an altogether fantastic trip to New Zealand!
Matt Butler is a great guide, with a good sense of humor, and a very nice person; we enjoyed our daytime discussions about trout as well as the “off-river” conversations about New Zealand and lots of other topics. It was an awesome adventure; we saw parts of the country that most tourists will never see”

Stuart, Australia“If you have any interest in Fly Fishing at any level i’d highly recommend getting out on the river with Matt! I had a 4 day guided trip where i was taken to some amazing places and learnt more than i could’ve hoped for and the amount of fish landed reflected that as the trip went on. Matt’s skills as a guide are undeniable and hes an even better bloke! You’ll be hard pressed finding a better finder of fish and it was amazing to see so many healthy fish in such beautiful places”

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Amanda, Minnesota USA“My sister and I had a 3 day trip with Matt and he took us to different rivers each day. The fly fishing in NZ is different from back home in Colorado. From the beginning, Matt did an stellar job teaching us about the NZ rivers and fish. He worked his butt off! From spotting the fish to setting us up in the right position Matt had it down like clock work. Each day was more challenging then the last, but we never wanted the days to end. We had success the first and second day catching beauties. The last day was when the magic started. We both caught monsters and had battles we will not soon forget! We have Matt Butler of Traveltruly to thank for the epic 3 days. We haven’t been guided by someone of that caliber before, he is exceptional. His attention to detail is impeccable”         

Tyler, California USA – “Matt is extremely knowledgeable of the rivers in New Zealand and brought me to a spot that was off the beaten path where most anglers would never find. The spot had excellent fishing and terrific scenery. Matt was extremely hard working, knowledgeable, and just fun to hang with for the day. He is also a great teacher and taught me some great tricks that I can use the rest of my fly fishing career. His extensive knowledge was also helpful in helping me plan future rivers to fish during my time on the South Island. I have fly fished all of the western United States, Alaska, Maine, and Michigan, and Matt is one of the best fly fishermen I have come across. He is definitely one of the top guides in the South Island and knows the best rivers to fish based on weather and seasons. Overall, besides being a great fishing guide, Matt was a great guy to hang with for the day. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking to experience an epic New Zealand fly fishing experience.”   

Mads, Denmark – “My expectations were high. I have been looking for this day in months. A trip from Denmark to New Zealand, is not something you do every day. But I have no idea what was waiting for me. Matt pick I and my girlfriend up and we went driving for a short time, to the little river. Weather was perfect.
Then it was on! I have contact to about 20 fish, and landed 10!! Some on nymph and some on the dry flies. I was just an amazing day. Matt is a guide with a passion.
Always looking for how he can help you, always telling what you are doing wrong, and what you should do instead, so the fish will strike.  He has a great knowledge about the fishing in NZ, and I learn a lot from him”

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Rex, Canada “As a guide in Canada I know the importance of knowledge in order to be successful in a fishery. Matt had all the knowledge and tools necessary to put me on fish all day. Sight fishing Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout Wanaka is something every fly fisher should experience and Traveltruly is by far the best way to do it. If you’re in Wanaka and Fly Fishing is on your to do list (Which it most definitely should be) then get ahold of Matt and let him show you the ropes. you WON’T be disappointed!”

 Glen, Utah USA – “Normally I don’t write reviews, but the wonderful 3 days I had with Matt deserve one. As a senior citizen I have fly fished many locations over many years but still am not an expert.The waters we fished were crystal clear and demanded precise presentation, so we spent the first day working on precisely that. I elected to walk and wade. Each day we covered many miles in a different river. Day 2 was more productive as I landed 4-5 browns. Day 3 was really incredible. On the first fish siting we bagged a monster brown. Luck was on and we landed 4 more of equal size before the day was out!!
Surely Matt’s pointers paid off. He really knows his stuff, has a lot of energy, and is a lot of fun to fish with. You won’t go wrong contacting him if you are looking for a great fly fishing guide”  

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Elliot, England – “Fantastic 3 days of fishing with Matt. Covered a variety of rivers out of Queenstown. Challenging fishing though utterly rewarding. Caught 2 good size brown trout and lose a 9-10lb brownie! Matt is a really attentive guide and knew all the fishing hotspots and how to approach them thus greatly increasing chances of screaming reels!
Looking forward to coming back in the future and hooking the one that got away!”

Gregg, Oregon USA“When I was in 8th grade, we made a big move. No friends, I spent lunches in the library, where I saw a Field and Stream article about fly fishing for brown trout in New Zealand, and I would dream about catching one of those beauties myself.
Yesterday, 35 years later, Matt helped me live that dream. My skills really weren’t up to the difficulty of this fishing, but Matt was patient. I hooked 6, landed three, all on dry flies. A gorgeous day, perfect conditions, and three lifetime-size fish for me.
Matt took care of everything. He knows the water well. This is difficult fishing-not a high population of fish, so Matt scouts until he sees a fish, helps you plan your approach, and then you do your best. Loved it! Highly recommend!”   

Andrew, Connecticut USA –  “The 2 days of fishing that I had with Matt on the South Island were hands down the most rewarding fishes of my life. Hard, sometimes frustrating work is rewarded with beautiful trout in an equally as beautiful environment. Matt is a patient, fun, and engaged guide, offering explanation and humor in abundance, while being an incredible host. He put me on dozens of opportunities with fish in some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever laid my eyes on. The combination of the NZ scenery, NZ fishing, and Matt’s guidance came together to make a memorable, challenging, and most of all rewarding 2 days”

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