Personalised Travel Planning

We at Traveltruly are personal about travel done the right way and the only right way is YOUR way!

We provide personal curated travel itineraries that are made just for you and are moulded to your desires, dreams and budget. If you are visiting NZ to adventure, explore and indulge in the whole kiwi experience, we are here to curate your unique trip to ensure you have the most authentic and genuine experience imaginable. We get you off the beaten track and and help you discover the special places our country has to offer by land, air and water.

We strive to make your dream trip unforgettable, from getting you off the grid and into the wild, to ticking those life long dreams off the bucket list. Whether its your first time in NZ, or your last, make sure you do it the right way and find out how Matt can make your trip the one of a lifetime.

Our Itineraries

Our itineraries help you experience the best of NZ at your pace and preference. Drawing on our love and knowledge for the country we can help you travel the path that aligns with your ideas and your desires. We work closely with you to ensure that your trip will be unforgettable, designing your itinerary around exciting and authentic experiences, activities and accomodations.

As a very ecologically diverse country, New Zealand has a bit of everything in a relatively small package. Travel between stunning coastlines and majestic alpine ranges, from lush rainforest to parched tussock lands all in just a matter of hours. To best explore this diversity is to move at your own pace with your own transport. Self-driving is the only true way to get amongst the best of what NZ has to offer, making stops whenever something peaks your interest or takes your breath away.

What we do

From helping you explore your travel motivations to curating personalised packaged itineraries, Traveltruly is focused on making your trip unique to you.

Your personal trip manager will work with you to create an all inclusive itinerary that suits your budget level and travel preferences. With unlimited itinerary revisions and an on call trip manager throughout, we use our local knowledge to get you into those special places, leaving you to just sit back and enjoy your trip without the hassles of planning and arranging the finer details.

Your customised travel package includes the following:

  • A detailed day-by-day version of your customised itinerary that can be viewed on your personal device or printed
  • Arrangement and booking of your accomodations and activities throughout your trip
  • Arrangement and booking of all of your domestic transport including any flights, car rentals, or transfers
  • Additional detailed information about your destinations, accomodations and activities
  •  Additional recommendations for activities and experiences along your planned routes
  • On-call support from your trip manager by both email and phone



When creating your itinerary we take into account your budget, accommodation and travel preferences and apply them to your trip only. As your trip is unique to you, the pricing is too, so please get in tough to discuss your trip ideas and learn how we can help you plan that trip of a lifetime: