Multi-Day Fishing Packages

Come with Matt Butler on an authentic kiwi fishing experience, fly fishing spectacular rivers and lakes. Hunting down some big wily trout in clear waters, sight fishing and stalking our target, all while amongst magnificent scenery!

Multi-day trips are Matt’s specialty and give you the best overall fishing experience you can hope for in NZ. These trips range from 2 – 7 days and allow you to explore the wide ranging varieties of water types and fly fishing methods we practice with vastly changing scenery at each turn.

Below are the basic outline of the 3 packaged trip options from which each customised trip is born, each explains the basic model and its inclusions before a couple of short videos will give you an idea of what to expect from each of the options. Once you have chosen the type of trip that speaks to you, Matt will personally work with you to customise all the final details to you skills, desires and budget.

Prices are calculated and customised on request with each having a basic day/overnight rate of NZ$900-950 for 1-2 Anglers (discounts available for longer bookings). The accomodation, food and other costs are then calculated to suit your budget/comfort preferences. All trips will then depart from your chosen South Island destination (usually Queenstown/Wanaka)

The Explorer

2 – 7 Days

The most popular package, the Explorer is for those looking to experience a variety of south island waters over several days by road tripping around different regions. Each day you will fish different waters amongst varying landscapes and it is a great way to understand more about the different water types and fishing methods encountered in NZ.

Fishing waters will range from wide ranging tussock plains and valleys to bush-clad canyon rivers and technical low land streams, each with its own unique feature. Each day will be arranged to suit the conditions and your preferences as we make our way around the south island in search of the best water.

We will be staying as close as possible to our fishing locations and can move about to different waters each day or setup to fish on over a couple of days. Our accomodations are set to fit your budget from basic huts/cabins to full service motels and homes.

This trip is best suited for 1-2 anglers however it can accomodate up to 3 in certain circumstances, or a second guide can be added for larger groups.

Whats included?

  • House/Motel/Cabin Accommodation (Suited to your budget)
  • All food from pickup to drop off (Suited to your budget)
  • Fishing Licences (if required)
  • All fishing gear
  • Transport
  • Waders/Boot Hire
  • Fishing Licence

Pump It Up: Make the most of our comfortable accomodation and indulge in some of the finest cuisine NZ has to offer. Upgrade to our famous local, gourmet meat, cheese, wine and beer to make this trip one to remember!

Video: 5 day – 4 Night Explorer Trip 

Video: 3 day – 2 Night Explorer Trip 

The Wild One

3 – 5 days

The trip made for the serious wilderness hunter, the serious fishermen looking to get well off the radar and adventure into New Zealand’s most wild places. If staying several nights in backcountry huts, sleeping rough, walking all day every day and eating backcountry meals sounds like you then you are a true wild one!

On most trips a lot of time will be spent hiking and fishing on the way until we get to our camp for the night and you will be required to carry a pack weighing 15-20kg (unless you prefer using a helicopter to do all the hard stuff !). This sort of trip is not for the faint hearted and you will need to be fit & agile enough to walk several hours per day.

We will be chasing and hunting large wild trout in pristine, remote environments where the density of fish is a fraction of those in the lowland streams so every opportunity is taken with time and consideration. Your casting will need to be on point and have a high tolerance for pesky sandflies that will ‘bug’ you all day long.

This trip is best suited to 1-2 anglers due to safety and logistic considerations, however larger parties can be accommodated by adding additional guides to the trip. As mentioned the trip can be made easier/more accessible by use of a helicopter or jet boat.

Whats included?

  • Backcountry Hut/Camping Accommodation
  • All food from pickup to drop off
  • All camping equipment
  • All fishing gear
  • Transport
  • Waders/Boot Hire
  • Fishing Licence

Pump It Up: Make you trip even more exciting by adding Helicopter transfers into backcountry rivers. These begin around NZ$2000 for the closest backcountry river access and this cost scales up in relation to flight time and allow us to bring in extra luxuries on our trip!

Video: 5 day – 4 Night Wild One Trip 

Video: 3 day – 2 Night Wild One Trip 


The Swinger

4 – 7 Days

Feeling a bit like a wild explorer and want to swing both ways? Then this package is for you!

During these 4 – 6 days you will get to experience both backcountry fishing whilst also trying your skills on the more technical and challenging lowland streams and freestone rivers. At least 2 days will be spent on a hike-in/hike-out backcountry mission in between days on some of the finest waters in the area. If you would like to get more fishing than walking on the backcountry stint, a helicopter is recommended.

The regions we fish is entirely up to the conditions at the time and these can include Otago, West Coast, Fiordland and many more, basically all the best places in the country. We will spend each day moving to suit the conditions to ensure we get the best fishing available and mix things up a bit by introducing you to the different type of waters each region provides.

Whilst being the most demanding trip due to the of travel and amount of consecutive days on the water, it will also be the most rewarding and is designed for the most hardcore and passionate angers wishing to get the most epic kiwi fishing experience. Regardless, each day will be suited to your preferences, feel like a cruisy day? We can do that, feel like going foot to the floor? We can definitely do that!

Pump It Up: Make your trip even more exciting by adding  Helicopter or Jet boat transfers into backcountry rivers. These begin at NZ$1200 for the closest backcountry river access and this cost scales up in relation to flight time and allow us to bring in extra luxuries on our trip!

Whats included?

  • House/Motel/Cabin & Backcountry Hut/Camping Accommodation
  • All food from pickup to drop off
  • All camping equipment
  • All fishing gear
  • Waders/Boot Hire
  • Transport

Pump Up: Make you trip even more exciting by adding Helicopter transfers into backcountry rivers. Also upgrade your food to our famous local, gourmet meat, cheese, wine and beer.

Video: 5 day – 4 Night Swinger Trip 

Video: 4 day – 3 Night Swinger Trip 



If your interested in any of the packages above or have any questions about your travel to New Zealand, just fill out the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.




3 thoughts on “Multi-Day Fishing Packages

  1. Martin Storaker from Norway says:

    Matt knows a lot of the country besides just fishing! So he shows the country in a excellent way from a lot of angles. He’s a great fish spotter, I wouldn’t had a chance without you.. And I had a absolutely blast on the rivers!


  2. Matt Meeking - USA says:

    I spent a couples days fishing with Matt recently. Easily the most epic trout fishing I’ve ever done. Got into some monsters in small stream settings. These are the fish you travel all this way to hook into. If you haven’t fished New Zealand before I highly recommend using Matt as a guide. He’s super knowledgable and knows the game, which is way different than anywhere else. I learnt a ton from him, and will use that knowledge for the rest of my trout bum travels throughout NZ.


  3. Andrew Prunk - USA says:

    The 2 days of fishing that I had with Matt on the South Island were hands down the most rewarding fishes of my life. Hard, sometimes frustrating work is rewarded with beautiful trout in an equally as beautiful environment. Matt is a patient, fun, and engaged guide, offering explanation and humor in abundance, while being an incredible host. He put me on dozens of opportunities with fish in some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever laid my eyes on. The combination of the NZ scenery, NZ fishing, and Matt’s guidance came together to make a memorable, challenging, and most of all rewarding 2 days.


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