Backcountry Heli-Fishing

Indulge your dreams in an Epic backcountry heli-fishing adventure, travelling deep into the New Zealand wilderness to target large illusive trout amongst truly magnificent landscapes. With trips ranging from 1-4 days, its the ultimate opportunity to reach out to your wild side!


What to expect:

This trip is made just for the serious wilderness hunter, the wild one looking to get off the radar and adventure into New Zealand’s most remote places. If a helicopter, clear water, big fish and sandflies are what you dream of (maybe not sandflies!) then this is for you.

By utilising the helicopter we are able to get far into the backcountry, where it would usually take days to get by foot, if its even possible! The heli also allows us to bring some small creature comforts with us including good food, decent bedding and a few beers/wine to celebrate each evening. Depending on the location we will either be based in basic backcountry huts or tents, bringing in everything we need for those few days. For additional cost it is also possible to utilise the heli to drop us at a different river each few days to fish new water and top up on supplies.

We will be chasing and hunting large wild trout in pristine, remote environments where its all about quality over quantity and every opportunity is taken with time and consideration. Long days and many miles underfoot means you need to have relatively good fitness and be willing to work for your reqwards.

Whats included:

  • Backcountry Hut/Camping Accommodation
  • All Meals
  • Return Helicopter Transfers
  • All fishing gear
  • Transport
  • Waders/Boot Hire
  • Backcountry Fishing Licence


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