Travel Planning

Traveltruly specialises in helping you create authentic personalised travel plans, customised to your budget. Most travellers realise once on the ground that there is so much to see, do and experience whilst having so little time, often resulting in a hurried whirlwind tour of the top 10 sights shown online and in magazines. This is not only limiting but can take away from the opportunity to explore truly immersive experience.

Authentic travel is all about experiencing a true and unique connection with the land, people and culture of the destinations you visit. The process starts by moving away from  volume based tourism activities, accomodations and experiences that are by nature focused on quantity over quality. Instead we focus our efforts on creating more meaningful, personalised interactions. The common misconception is that this transformation is dependant on how high your budget will go, however it is more the case of how open you are to new experiences and the mind-set you bring to your travels.

With extensive travel experience across the globe, Matt has immersed himself in truly authentic experiences by making a concerted effort to get away from the beaten tourist tracks and ‘plastic’ experiences. The results of these efforts has been profound and shaped a new direction to his life. Originally a corporate minded manager, focused on growth for growth sake, Matt has now changed his focus to creating memorable, authentic experiences for his clients during their travels. He does this by focusing both on a persons underlying purpose for travelling and the insights they are seeking from the chosen journey or destination.

From helping you explore your travel motivations to curating entire packaged itineraries, Traveltruly is focused on ensuring your travels are truly authentic. Services include both itinerary creation and bookings across the globe with specific interests in the Asia/Pacific region and on the ground service in New Zealand.

If you would like to discuss your upcoming or potential travel plans with Matt and learn how they can become unforgettable, just get in touch below.


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