Fly Fishing

Experience some of the worlds finest fly-fishing in New Zealand Explore stunning clear waters and hunt large wily trout all while amongst magnificent scenery!

Head out for a day or several days of unforgettable fly-fishing with your guide Matt Butler. Often referred to as the trout anglers ‘El Doradro’, New Zealand offers some of the best trout fishing on the planet. Both Brown and Rainbow trout inhabit some of the most spectacular, gin clear waters you will ever witness and its not just the size of the trout that draws in keen anglers, it is the challenge of hunting and sight fishing to some of the most cunning and wily trout known to man.

Whether it is your first time fly fishing or you are a seasoned expert, your trip is tailored to your needs so you are sure to get the most out of your day. Your guides essential local knowledge will get you to the spots where the fish are and will provide the tuition and advice required to give you the best possible chance at success.

What to expect

In New Zealand we focus on making the most of the abundant clear water and sight-fishing for trout, casting once a fish is spotted, which is more akin to ‘trout-hunting’. Sight fishing is not easy and can be at the mercy of the conditions, however it is by far the most rewarding of all.

The waters we fish range from mountain freestone rivers to meandering, willow lined streams. All locations have spectacular landscape, beautiful water and stunning trout. We will be targeting fish in the 2-5lb range with the possibility of coming across much larger fish. It is important to understand that fishing in New Zealand will probably be some of the most challenging you will encounter in the world and your skill execution will most likely decide how successful your day will be. Therefore it is important to practice your casting before your trip and if you have never fly fished before, much of our morning will be focused on learning the basics of fly fishing.

Single Day Trips

Our day will set off from your accomodation in Wanaka or Queenstown. From there we will head towards the best option of water for the day to suit the conditions. Generally we will be driving between 1-2 hours each way to reach our water for the day.

Depending on the location and your fitness level, we could be walking between 3-6km up and down the river so be prepared for a good day on your feet. We would hope to be back at your accommodation around 5-6pm, or earlier depending on your preferences.


Full day: NZ$800 – $850 (1 – 2 Anglers)

6-8 hours of fishing + 1-2 hours of travel

Half Day: NZ$600 – $650  (1 – 2 Anglers)

3-4 hours fishing + 1 hour travel (ex Wanaka only)

Rates include:

  • 1 – 2 Anglers (Additional anglers and larger group pricing available on request)
  • Private Fly Fishing Guide
  • Lunch, snacks and drinks
  • All fly fishing gear
  • Courtesy transport

*If required, Wader/Boot hire is and additional $50pp per day. Fishing licences are additional NZ$20pp per day 

Multi-Day Road Trips

Take to the road in search of the best fishing conditions and explore the amazing diversity of rivers the South Island has to offer. Multi-day trips are our specialty and give you the best overall experience you can hope for in NZ. These trips range from 3 – 10 days and allow you to explore the wide ranging varieties of river types and landscapes that makes NZ a must visit for any serious angler.

The most popular trip, the Ultimate Roady is the trip for those looking to pack the car, hit the road and experience a variety of south island waters. As we move around different areas in search of the best fishing conditions, we will explore a multitude of different waters amongst varying landscapes.From wide open bouldery tussock plains to bush-clad canyons and valleys to technical low land streams, each water has its own unique character and can provide a variety of fishing methods. From flicking small dry flies and nymphs under tree lined bank for sipping trout to throwing huge terrestrial patterns to induce big aggressive takes. Expect the unique characteristics of each fish to represent its environment and admire the changing colour patterns as water type changes.

We will focus on basing our accomodations as close as possible to our fishing locations to minimise drive time and maximise time on the water. This also alows us to change locations as we please to fish where the conditions suit best.  Expect to rest your head in range of accommodations including private huts/cabins, classic Kiwi pubs/hotels, full service motels and the quintessential Kiwi bach or holiday homes.


All inclusive multi-day trips are curated on request and account for your budget, accommodation and travel preferences. As your trip is unique to you, the pricing is too, so please get in tough to discuss your trip ideas and learn how we can help you plan that trip of a lifetime.  All trips depart from your either Queenstown or Wanaka, NZ

Backcountry Heli-Fishing Trips

Heli-fshing is for the quintessential wilderness hunter with little time to spare and looking to adventure into New Zealand’s most remote places. If a helicopter, clear water, big fish are what you dream of then this is for you. By utilising the helicopter we are able to get far into the backcountry, where it would usually take days to get by foot, if its even possible!

This trip is available for either a single day fly-in/out or a multi-day camp out. In the case of an overnight trip, the heli allows us to bring some small creature comforts with us including good food, decent bedding and a few beers/wine to celebrate each evening. Depending on the location we will either be based in basic backcountry huts or tents, bringing in everything we need for those few days. For additional cost it is also possible to utilise the heli to drop us at a different river each few days to fish new water and top up on supplies.

We will be chasing and hunting large wild trout in pristine, remote environments where its all about quality over quantity and every opportunity is taken with time and consideration. This is the ultimate in NZ fly fishing and a special experience for any serious angler.


Heli-fishing trips are unique and each quote is based on your specific trip plan. Prices vary on flight time different rivers so get in touch below to get a personalised quote for your heli-fishing adventure.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss/book a trip please make contact below: