Indulge in New Zealand by resting your head somewhere memorable

New Zealand is famous for it’s hospitality and providing fine, authentic accommodations throughout the country. From small private B&B’s to luxury 5 star lodge and everything else in-between, we suit your accomodation to your style and budget.

As with the rest of your trip, we focus solely on providing you with the most authentic and memorable accommodations, ensuring that the place you stay is as interesting as the day you spent. Want to keep a modest budget but still experience a once in a lifetime remote getaway?… you can mix and match the options as you please, the world is in your hands.

The accommodations below are an example of the variety we plan your trip around, each with its own unique character and price point indicated in $ signs.

  • Standard Hotel, Motels, a basic level of accomodation for budget conscious travellers – $$
  • Bed and Breakfasts, these charming locations make you feel at home, interact with the local owners and get a deep feeling for kiwi culture – $$$
  • Boutique Hotels, each with their own defining character, these interesting hotels have been created with individual love and passion – $$$
  • Luxury Lodges, world class accomodations at the peak of comfort, supplemented by incredible food, wine and experiences – $$$$
  • Remote Getaways, the pinnacle of matching exploration with luxury, these experiences are unlike no other in the world – $$$$$
  • Backcountry Huts, when you want to get off the grid, whether it be fishing, hunting or mountain biking, backcountry huts are your end of day respite

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