Welcome to Traveltruly

At Traveltruly we are passionate about travel done the right way….. and the only right way is your way!

We specialise in creating travel itineraries that are customised to your budget, desires and wildest dreams. Our local planners know the county ‘like the back of their hand’ and work directly with you to curate your dream trip, not someone else’s. From exploring hidden gems to those once in a lifetime experiences, we ensure that your trip to NZ is unique to you, curating your trip so you see and do the things that interest you, not just whats listed in the latest guide book.

As the name suggests, at Traveltruly we focus our efforts on creating more meaningful, personal and authentic experiences for our travellers. Authentic travel is all about experiencing a true and unique connection with the land, people and culture of the destinations you visit.  This process begins by moving away from typical volume based tourism methods and focusing on unique and authentic activities, accomodations and experiences that are by nature a true way to travel.

So get in touch with us and learn how we can help you explore both the famous and lesser known sides of our magnificent country, on a truly immersive and authentic trip around our Aotearoa, New Zealand.



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