Matt Butler the founder of Traveltruly, is a passionate and energetic travel planner and fly fishing guide based in Wanaka, New Zealand. A born and bred Kiwi, Matt lives in the deep south of NZ to immerse himself in the unbeatable outdoor lifestyle that the South Island offers. He spends most of his year fly fishing and exploring the country whilst spending the cold winter months overseas doing the same.

Matt has been jet setting around the globe since he was old enough to buy his own plane ticket. He has spent time extensively travelling around regions such as North & South America, Asia, Europe and Africa, with some of his favourite destinations being Turkey, Japan, Brazil and the USA. These plethora of experiences from around the world has provided Matt with a very strong passion for authenticity which he draws on when planning travel for both his clients travel and his own future adventures.

Matt is also an accomplished fly fishing guide and a member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association. He is therefore equipped with all the neccesary permits and safety requirements to guide on all waters throughout the country.  Beginning to fly fish at age 12, Matt shows immense passion for all things fly fishing and is most in his element when hunting large trout in clear waters that require careful stalking and spotting. He prides himself in his fish spotting abilities and making the decisions required to successfully hookup to that fish of a lifetime. Whether you are a beginner or experienced angler Matt will ensure that you come away from your day a better angler and also knowing that there is still plenty more to learn!

With his extensive knowledge of both New Zealand’s North & South Islands and abroad, Matt will tailor your kiwi adventure to fulfil your wildest dreams. By giving your trip that much needed personal touch, you will never look at travel the same way again.