VIDEO: King Tide On Fly – NZ Fly Fishing

After a very busy guide season I finally finished up and hit the water for myself. One of my first stops was to head to North to Tauranga and get my Salt Fly fix with Lucas from King Tide Salt Fly. Chasing big Kingfish in shallow waters is up there with some of the finest salt water fly fishing on the planet. These savage fish will either be solo cruising the shallows or bunch up on top of stingrays whilst looking to get a easy feed. Hunting them down in such a pristine harbour is not easy but every opportunity is truly pulsating and worth every minute.
We spotted this kingi cruising along a cliff drop amongst fallen trees as if he thought he was a brown trout. After an initial cast he didn’t pay much attention to the fly so we allowed him to continue his beat and circle back around. I had the fly placed and ready as he returned, then with a few short strips he began the pursuit and almost made to the boat before inhaling the fly and taking off in a blistering, reel screaming run. What seemed like an eternity later he finally made it to the net, and with my arms like jelly, holding him for this picture was a effort in itself!

If your heading to NZ to chase trout, I highly recommend you add this to your itinerary. There is no better finale to an NZ fishing expedition than landing a Kingfish on fly, trust me, it made my season 🙂

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