VIDEO: New Beginnings – Opening Season 2016 – NZ Fly Fishing

It had finally come, the date that all NZ anglers count down as if they were children waiting for Christmas. October 1st the fly fishing season began in New Zealand and I had arranged a trip with Tyler to some of my favourite spots. After dusting of the rusty skills and following a mild winter we were looking forward to some great conditioned fish, and we got them, eventually…..

This video explores both sides of the equation, the first half when things don’t quite go your way and the second when everything aligns and mayhem ensues. The passion for the sport drives us through the high and lows and as quoted at the beginning, we don’t do this because it is easy!

If your keen to get into some of the finest trout fishing action in the world this season, get in touch below and ill see how I can help.

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