Te Wahiponamu – The place of Greenstone

Fiordland, the fly fishing destination that`s on every anglers wish list. It is as brutal as it is beautiful with huge canyons, fast, deep waters and swarms of sandfly that pester you all day long! The river valleys that have been carved through the magnificent peaks are home to big crystal blue waters, big boulders and fast runs. Spotting can be a challenge in even the best of conditions with huge volumes of water disguising the chrome camouflage of good conditioned fish.


After many hours of driving we set up camp for the night, cracked a few beers and laid off early so we could ensure a prompt start in the morning. We travelled 3 rivers over the 2 days and came across some good sized rainbows, a few browns all willing to rise to huge terrestrial flies. The fishing was tough, but the landscape alone entices you to continue to hike up river and explore what is around the next bend.


The final day saw us getting liberal with our methods in the afternoon as we made our way to the mouth of the river where fresh meets salt and can provide some surprises. As seals cruised just meters out in the bay we stripped streamers, not sure what we would find but ended coming across over 25 Spotty`s.


As we made our way back to civilisation the heavens opened and waterfalls became cascading down the mountains, only to join the waters that had provided us with much joy and admiration. This is a special place and one that all should experience in a lifetime.


Written By: Matt Butler
Photos by: Jakub Kanok & Matt Butler

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