The value of water

As we all know the majority of the world surface is covered in salt water, not very useful for human consumption if you’ve ever tried….

Fresh water in some countries is so scarce it is privatised and charged out at exorbitant rates, lucky in NZ we have clean, clear water in abundance. However this abundance proves to cause other problems, mostly complacency and lack of appreciation for the recourse.

Because we inhabit such a clean/fertile country, it has been normal practise over the decades to take as much as we can, without the effort to give back. This is mostly evident in farming, especially in the south island where near deserts have been converted in to luscious green pastures as far as the eye can see.

Now I come from a long line of dairy farmers, so am in no way anti-farming, but a phrase mentioned to me a few years ago has always haunted me and made me worry for the future of our resource. It went something like this “All that water flowing down the river is just wasted as it enters the ocean”. On an economic scale this seems reasonable, but if you consider the planet as a ecological structure, the ocean is the heart and the rivers are the veins, cut off the veins and the heart will eventually stop pumping blood.

We are beginning to see change in NZ, but its lethargic and is still being weighed up against economic prosperity, which in the long run won’t exist if we don’t take measures to lessen our impact on our fresh waterways.

And for god-sake, stop trying to milk cows in the desert!!!!

Giant Rotary Irrigation Scheme near Twizel, Mackenzie Country, South Island, New Zealand

Irrigation Scheme, Mackenzie Country, South Island, New Zealand

Photos from some recent trips, crystal clear water:




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