Almost a new season….

The new season is almost upon us, only 5 weeks away now. This may mean something different to each angler, whether you endeavour to be the first to your favourite spot, make the trip to somewhere new or head to one of the most popular destination such as the Ohau Channel or Lake Tarawera for the Bay Of Plenty anglers.

Whatever you choose, the first day of the season is usually one of excitement and depending how active you have been over the winter, some rustiness may need to be expelled.

The season down here in South Island is much different to the north and I’m still trying to get my head around it. For instance, the Southern Lakes region doesn’t open until the 1st of November, Mckenzie country the first Saturday in November but with most of the rest open on the usual October 1st, bar a few headwaters. This means Im going to need to branch out for opening day and head somewhere Ive never been, and I’m going to make the most of the opportunity.

I have found the best spots for those first few weeks of the season are fishing the feeder streams/river flowing into any lake, rather than a self sustaining river system. Last year I spent my time around the waters feeding Lake Aniwhenua and I had an amazing time. This year being down south, I have endless opportunities to fish such rivers, my only prerequisite is a good backcountry hut to stay in that is relatively easy access and at least 2-3 days of fishable water upstream (and of course it feeds into a lake).

Weather can be a bit dodgy around this time of year, so it is smart to have a few backup options in different regions should there be a major storm roll up, not unusual in any part of the country.

So if your really looking for a cracking opening day, start planning, have a look at some interesting new options and you could be surprised with what you find. If you cant make it out in the first week, I have a small group trip running from the 11th of October for 6 nights that may help you get in the swing of the season.

Tight lines and good times!

Couple of photos from a recent lake trip last week:



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